Brief history of the “Club des Marathoniens Produits Wallons”

In 1986, some marathoner friends, who each had 2 to 5 marathons to their credit, decided to create a club in order to get together and train together: the “Club des Marathoniens Produits Wallons” was born!

Very quickly, this club developed initiatives and its members (50 runners since 1988) took part in marathons all over the world, wearing the colours of “produits wallons” on their equipment and thus became ambassadors for Wallonia and its products.

Nothing stops these running enthusiasts, who have completed the most popular races in the world: Montreal, New York, Rotterdam, Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Beijing…

The committee decided in 1993 to organise its first marathon in the Liège region with the creation of the Spa-Liège marathon.

For various reasons, the organisation then moved to Visé to create in 1999 the current Marathon of the Basse-Meuse (The Schneider Electric Maasmarathon).

The quality of the organisation, which is meant to be family oriented and respectful of the participants, is due to the experience acquired over the years by all the members and more particularly Tony Guarino who has run 88 marathons and Carlo Pace who has run 76.

The A.S.B.L. Maasmarathon of the Meuse:

  • The Alderman of Sports of Visé
  • The Marathoniens Produits Wallons Club
  • The sports service of the Province of Liège
  • The Athletic Club of Visé
  • The Kiwanis of Basse-Meuse
  • with the support of cities and municipalities – Visé, Oupeye, Eijsden, Fourons (Voeren)